What is CI Plus LLP ?


In summer of 2007 the following companies, Neotion, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, SmarDTV and Sony, created the CI Plus Forum. The CI Plus Forum comprised a set of companies, CE Manufacturers and Common Interface Module Manufacturers, with a shared interest in extending the existing DVB Common Interface Standard to support additional security and features that would give the Pay TV Value Chain the confidence to deliver Pay TV Services to a wide range of consumer electronics devices equipped with the new extensions.

In January 2008 the CI Plus Forum published V1.00 CI Plus Specification.

As with any security system of this nature the published technical specification is only part of the story. Over and above the published technology there is a need for an organisation that can maintain the integrity of the overall system, license the technology and secrets required to maintain security and to ensure the compliance and robustness of products in the field.

The CI Plus Forum that had been formed to develop the original CI Plus Specification was not a suitable legal/commercial vehicle to move to a market launch of CI Plus.

In November 2008 the CI Plus Forum was disbanded and at the same time a new organisation, the CI Plus Limited Liability Partnership (CI Plus LLP), was created to take CI Plus forward to market launch.

CI Plus LLP is a UK Registered Limited Liability Partnership. The members of CI Plus LLP are Sony, SmarDTV, Samsung, TPVision, Panasonic, Neotion and SMiT.

CI Plus LLP is now the corporate legal entity that takes CI Plus forward to market launch and deployment.

CI Plus LLP handles the role of CI Plus Trust Authority and, with the assistance of its appointed agents, operates the technology licensing, testing and certificate procurement regimes required to allow market deployment of CI Plus.

Since 2012, DVB has taken over the role of the former CI Plus Forum in terms of ownership of the CI Plus Specifications and their future maintenance.

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