Content Distributors

Content Distributor Agreement

The process for on-boarding a CDA Partner begins by contacting DigiCert for information.

DigiCert will provide the CDA Partner with additional information including pricing and initial licensing agreements.

DigiCert is a Trusted Agent of CI Plus and is authorized to collect and sign forms as part of this on-boarding process.

As the first task in the on-boarding process, the CDA Partner must complete initial documents and return them to DigiCert, including the Content Distribution Agreement.

The Content Distributor Agreement is intended to bring Operators into partnership with CI Plus Licensees, with a common objective of providing an addressable market for pay TV based on horizontal market products that recognises the interests of both ends of the value chain.

CI Plus LLP CDA is based on established practice in similar security systems such as DTLA and AACS.

Contact DigiCert at:

Content Distributor Agreement (CDA)