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450 Million CI Plus devices deployed

The number of CI Plus compatible devices now in the market has exceeded 450 million, licensing authority CI Plus LLP has confirmed.

For the large part this means IDTVs and the accompanying CI Plus modules.

“The success of CI Plus has exceeded even our wildest expectations”, said a spokesman for CI Plus LLP “Due to the wide backing of the CE industry, pay-TV operators and also the film studios we have established a cross-industry collaboration that is hugely beneficial to all participants but most importantly to consumers”.

It’s anticipated CI Plus will now develop IP-delivered content, following the recent endorsement of DVB ETSI TS 103 205: Extensions to the CI Plus Specification by CI Plus LLP (CIPlus v1.4), with first products likely to reach retail on the first half of 2017.

The next phase of work for CI Plus LLP is to address Enhanced Copy Protection (ECP) as requested by the Movielabs affiliated studios to protect Premium Ultra high-definition (UHD) content.